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The Haven

"Providing Housing For Those You Don't Have A ROOM For"


Essential Services 


We ensure our guests have a clean room


We ensure our guests have reliable transportation


We ensure our guests have means of obtaining food

Medical & Health

We ensure our guests have medical insurance and any 

Health concerns addressed


We ensure our guests are connected to social service agencies for necessary 

resources and relationship.


We ensure our guests have employment resources and 

volunteer opportunities in the community 


Seniors who live together — whether at home or in a retirement community — live a healthier lifestyle because they usually eat better, get more exercise, and are more social than seniors who live alone.  Companionship, friendship and a support system are arguably the biggest benefits of home sharing, and are part of the reason the phenomenon is trending.  For older adults, there’s an excitement that home sharing brings. 

Independence and Safety

For seniors who want to remain independent, but shouldn’t live alone, home sharing offers a cost-effective alternative to home care.  Older adults who participate in shared housing can enjoy the safety of living with someone else, including not having to worry about forgetting medications (someone is there to remind you), or falling and not being found.

Saving Money

Home sharing is an affordable alternative to some senior living communities, making it ideal for low-income seniors.

The person who owns the home can charge rent to offset the costs of their house. Often, the homeowner charges a lower-than-average rent in exchange for help around the house, shared groceries, transportation etc. The homeowner and renter can also split the costs of the internet and other living expenses with the renter, making it a mutually beneficial living arrangement for all parties.

How We Select the Right Roommate

There are disadvantages to home sharing, that’s why finding the right roommate is one of the biggest challenges we take seriously and with careful consideration and selection, it works out.   Finding a roommate who is compatible, trustworthy and will pay their bills on time is important.  necessarily easy. We welcome friends or at least a friend of a friend. But even if you share housing with a friend, there can be drama but we collectively resolve any conflicts.

There are services that exist to help connect older adults looking for housemates. Still, like dating sites there is no guarantee that the “matches” you get will work out, and in a world where senior scams are on the rise, seniors should exert extreme caution when looking for a shared home.

We go over our expectations and set ground rules from the start which include:


Household duties

Kitchen use, including food sharing




Television/radio/phone and internet use

Utility payments and splitting other costs

“Shared housing — if handled properly with upfront agreements — is a vital option for seniors,

Do you think shared housing is a good option for you or a senior loved one in your family?  Feel free to contact us for more information. 

Sue is Homeless Due to Foreclosure

We Would Love For You To Be A Sponsor 

Those Like Sue With Housing 

Hello, this is Sue and all of her belongings.  Her real name is being withheld to protect her identity. Sue is homeless. The home she was living in, went into foreclosure. She is a speed reader, loves the Lord and His word. We met her while she was resting and praying under a palm tree behind a restaurant that closed down.  $5 or more will help us help people like Sue with a safe room to live in?